About the Founder

I began my career in the active apparel industry after graduating from the
University of Texas with a BS in textiles and clothing. During my time in
Austin, I spent a semester in London and Paris studying design and
participating in couture fashion shows. In the early 90’s, concern regarding overseas labor practices was heightened. Addressing these concerns became the topic of my senior thesis.

From Nike, my path led to Nordstrom’s private label group, where I oversaw Callaway Golf, and worked and traveled with an amazing mentor, Jack Irving, EVP of Nordstrom, in charge of the French brand Faconnable™. I met with the elusive, brilliant, and eccentric designer, Alber Elbaz. It was my first glimpse into the true life of French design. As I was still early in my career, it was invaluable to travel globally and learn my craft with top level

Life, it seems, leads me back to Nike, repeatedly! Team soccer, volleyball, track & field, NASCAR, and NFL retail jerseys were a few of the categories I managed. It was during my last stint at Nike that I was introduced to one of
the biggest influencers in my life, Morgan Fisher. She was levelheaded, strong, brilliant ,and kind. This time, I learned more deeply that in the apparel
industry, relationships are everything. To make a supply chain work really well, you are always intentional and honest as you choose and grow with your

After my second and third Nike stop, I had a brief stint with Eddie Bauer, overseeing outerwear, active and gear. Then, I was back to Nordstrom (notice a pattern) to manage women’s active product development. When Amazon started their private label business, I had the opportunity to educate a team on the basics of apparel commercialization (things that I hadn’t thought of in years and yet are simply second nature in the industry). I built sourcing matrixes, implemented testing standards, audited factories. I loved the opportunity to work with another strong woman, Gwyn Wiadro, who had started UA’s women’s program years prior as their VP in charge of women’s product. She challenged me at every turn and helped me learn to think on my feet in a way I had never done

From Amazon NILIT (the world’s largest supplier of Nylon 6.6, the premium nylon in the industry) asked me to become their Vice President of Marketing in
North America, and an integral part of NILIT’s Sensil® Global Marketing Team. It was here that I met with over 200 active and apparel brands (both power
brands and boutique next-gen brands), all struggling with the same question: what is sustainability and how do we define it to our customers? I spent much of my time forming collaborations and close relationships. I worked closely
with companies developing additives to make Nylon 6.6 biodegradable.

It was at this time I became aware of my true calling in
the apparel world. I would help the apparel industry become more sustainable, in an authentic way (not just to advertise on a label), and to lead by example,
I would create my own sustainable apparel brand providing transitional apparel that is eco-conscious, focused on ethical practices and sustainability. This is where the roots of eavolu® were planted. 

As I wore (daily) incredibly comfortable leggings and sports
bras from premium apparel brands, I felt I needed a professional (and extremely
comfortable) layer to easily wear on my commute to work, remove quickly for a mid-day yoga class, pop back on to wear in meetings, and to be that perfect top
for happy hour with friends. My idea was to create an amazingly soft, incredibly comfortable, minimalistic outfit that is eco-friendly, and could be paired easily with premium bra tops and leggings. After all the above, eavolu® was born. The Evolution of You.

As we were preparing to launch Eavolu’s first collection
(Park Conservation Collection), life led me to the most amazing collaborator – Monique Stuck (or Moe).  Moe has her own high-profile career, is committed
to sustainability, and making the earth a better place. Moe is business savvy and has incredible ideas of where eavolu® will go.  Most importantly, Moe has a spark that lights up a room and can change the world. 
All is possible. I was fortunate to have Moe agree to join eavolu® as both Partner and President.

I hope you enjoy our line as much as we do. All designs
are wear-tested, washed, worn over and over, and absolutely loved before being put into production. Each design we produce are meant to be apiece in your wardrobe for years. At eavolu® there is no fast fashion, only quality apparel. Eavolu® only utilizes recycled and/or compostable packaging. Eavolu’s
signature eco-luxe fabrics are made with Lenzing® eco-friendly fibers and sewn locally in Los Angeles to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. In
addition to our Eco-Luxe signature fabrics, we only utilize recycled, organic, eco-friendly,
or reclaimed fabrics.  We are innovating with upcycling garments or fabrics left by other brands.  We utilize factory fabric waste. We innovate with
sustainability with every collection released for eavolu®.

The eavolu® supply-chain is tight and well managed by our
close partner, The Massing Group. For us at eavolu® trust and transparency is everything, and we are committed to continually improving all our practices to help build a more sustainable future.  We have partnered with the Map-Collective group to certify our Carbon Plan and to ensure that we remain true to innovative sustainable options and reducing our carbon footprint.

We do it for eavolu®, for you, and for our shared future on this wonderful planet we call home.