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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Apparel
Compostable Packaging
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Apparel
Compostable Packaging
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Apparel

Slow Down! Why Eavolu Chooses Sustainable Fashion Over Fast Fashion

This article delves into the concepts of sustainable and fast fashion, focusing on their implications for the environment and the industry at large. It elucidates the ethos of sustainable fashion,...

In this article, we explain what sustainable fashion is, what makes it different to fast fashion, the sustainability concerns currently affecting the fashion industry, and what Eavolu is doing to establish itself as one of the most sustainable fashion brands in the United States.

Sustainable fashion needs to be transparent at all levels.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is the term used to describe clothing designed, manufactured, and sold using ethical methods that minimize the environmental impact on the earth while improving living and working conditions for the fashion industry. Sustainable fashion may also be referred to as slow fashion, ethical fashion, or eco-friendly fashion.

What makes a company a sustainable fashion brand?

Companies can be considered sustainable fashion brands in many different ways. They may use recycled materials or easy-to-grow raw materials instead of synthetic materials. They may have a carbon-neutral supply chain where they offset their carbon footprint. They may pay their garment workers in developing countries higher living wages and be fair trade certified. They may also purposely design long-lasting clothes, despite affecting their business models.

There is no one way for a company to be sustainable. But they must follow through on their sustainable fashion promises. The Harvard Business Review reports that many companies do not follow through on their promises.

What is fast fashion, and why is it considered harmful?

The term "fast fashion" describes clothing designed to be cheap and quick to produce. These items are mass-produced off-shore to substantial environmental impact and with cheap labor forced into poor working conditions for low pay, with little to no transparency on ethical practices. The inexpensive, low-quality materials are purposely designed, often with toxic chemicals, to degrade and be thrown away quickly, preventing upcycling, with limited quantities of on-trend garments to avoid markdowns and pressure shoppers into buying immediately before they "miss out."

Most fast fashion ends up in landfills as waste because it cannot be upcycled.

This isn't about greedy fashion companies upset about the fast fashion industry affecting their bottom line! Over the past 25 years, the fast fashion industry has contributed over $500 billion annually in waste and pollution. So it is now more important than ever to prevent this global catastrophe.

What makes Eavolu a sustainable slow fashion brand?

We are proud to be a slow fashion brand, and we measure our success in sustainability in the following ways:

At all levels, we have full supply chain transparency and deep knowledge of our supply chain, suppliers, and carbon footprint. We know our environmental impact, and nothing slips through the net. To ensure this, we are partnered with The Carbon Plan, the Fair Labor Association, and the Textile Exchange to independently hold us accountable to our promises as a sustainable clothing brand.

We commit to the environment, the welfare of our workers, and ethical sourcing. We continually work to improve and innovate products, processes, personnel conditions, and packaging to be more eco-friendly, despite the extra expenses involved. We also aim to source locally to support our Los Angeles community, including our fabric mill, garment manufacturers, and local raw material suppliers, while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

Finally, we utilize premium fabrics and raw materials to produce solid and durable garments in styles that stand the test of time, which can then be upcycled in good condition when our customers decide to move on. Our clothing doesn't come with an expiry date.

Eavolu believes in a sustainable and long-lasting slow fashion future.

Discover our ever-growing collection of sustainable and ethical fashion here.


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