Our Commitment to Leading Sustainable Development, Sustainability Practices, Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability and Innovation in the Apparel Market for our Planet

Our commitment at eavolu® is to provide long-lasting, eco-conscious, premium apparel that will continue to deliver comfort and style for years to come. Eventually, if you decide to clear your closet, we hope that you will choose upcycling, in order that someone else might enjoy the comfort and beauty of eavolu®.

Nature conservation is the moral philosophy and conservation movement focused on protecting species from extinction, maintaining, and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystem services, and protecting biological diversity.  Eavolu takes this into account with every decision that we make.

We are Eavolu® - Evolution of You.®

Eavolu® Signature fabrics are ECO-FRIENDLY:

Our fabrics are made locally in Los Angeles to reduce our carbon footprint (where garments are manufactured as well).

Eavolu® Signature Fabrics are created from the softest natural Supima Cotton (produced locally) and Tencel™ Modal by Lenzing, a company committed to improving the environment.
Care instructions for our eavolu® signature fabrics help save energy.

Due to the nature of these specialty eco-friendly fibers and our conscious decision to avoid anti-pilling finishes on our fabrics (they can produce downstream pollutants in our lakes, streams, and oceans).  Therefore, slight pilling may occur in places that rub.  Natural Enzyme wash detergent and fabric combs, easily remove pilling, and the pilling will subside over time.

We also innovate with eco-friendly and sustainable options, including: utilizing organic fibers, reclaimed fabrics, factory waste and upcycled garments rejected by other premium brands.

We do this to keep our landfills free of excess waste and to continually work to reduce our carbon footprint.


Eavolu® donates a portion of our profits to three organizations committed to sustainability, women and children facing homelessness and women's empowerment.
Eavolu® employees volunteer our time helping our communities.

Eavolu® Packaging and Shipping is ECO-FRIENDLY:

Our packaging bags (both for the garment and the shipping) are COMPOSTABLE... just toss it in your worm-bin or compost-bin.  Mother Nature will take care of the rest!
Our business cards are recycled from the industry waste of cotton t-shirts.  They can then be recycled again.
We try to utilize electronic marketing products whenever possible.  However, when we must print - we choose forest friendly and recycled paper and materials.

Our FREE SHIPPING is CARBON NEUTRAL (yes - we pay extra ... but you don't ... it's FREE!)