Our Partners


Knowing how critical relationships and supply-chain transparency are to the success of our company, we have built eavolu™ with long-term growth, trust, transparency, and long-term relationships in mind.

Therefore, we have teamed up with the amazing Massing Group in Los Angeles, CA. Without their support, commitment to quality and understanding eavolu’s values and commitment to sustainability, our dreams of a sustainable brand would never have come to fruition. The Massing Group’s partnership, consistent quality and creative problem solving, make eavolu™ possible.

Eavolu™ product is made locally in Los Angeles with eco-conscious raw materials used at every step possible until it reaches the end-consumer's hand.

We are incredibly thankful to the Massing Group for taking this journey with Eavolu™.

We are also incredibly thankful for our partnership with Map-Collective, as they help keep us accountable (Carbon Plan) for every decision we make regarding our processes, products and new innovative ideas for sustainable collections.  Map-Collective measures and tracks eavolu's carbon footprint, in addition to making suggestions as to how we can work to reach our goal of becoming carbon neutral.