Inclusion & Diversity

Eavolu™ is a small company with big dreams, but our goal is to reflect the multicultural world of our colleagues and customers.

We know that inclusion and diversity is a complex and layered topic, with ever-changing issues and challenges across the many countries and cultures in which we operate. The culture we want to build on at eavolu™ is one where inclusion and diversity are always our priority.  You will notice special collections throughout the year to celebrate diversityinclusion, and pride.

We want to foster the type of environment where everyone can contribute to optimizing decision-making and team performance by reflecting, respecting, and relating to our colleagues, customers and communities. There are many definitions of inclusion and diversity, and we want to embrace all interpretations — for us, inclusion is diversity in action! Diversity is the mix of people, while inclusion is actively advocating for that mix.  We welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have.

We are eavolu™ - The Evolution of You.™