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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Apparel
Compostable Packaging
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Apparel
Compostable Packaging
Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Apparel

Just As Passionate About Ethical Fashion - How Our Suppliers Ensure Eavolu Remains A Long-Term Sustainable Clothing Brand

In this article, Eavolu underscores its commitment to sustainability, detailing their rigorous practices in designing and manufacturing ethical clothing. From using premium organic materials to maintaining transparency in their supply...

Sustainability is the founding principle at Eavolu, and each and every day the Eavolu team looks at how we can do things better. From design and manufacturing to our marketing activity and delivery, we never rest in our pursuit of transforming the fashion industry through ethical and sustainable practices.

We feel that in 2022, all fashion companies should aim to be eco friendly and sustainable clothing brands through their supply chain. Yet, it requires an investment of time and cost, but we believe that any company proud to be "Made in the USA" should invest in reducing environmental impact, promoting fair trade and promoting an eco conscious message so their customers are shopping sustainably.

In this article, we take a deeper look at our sustainability efforts and policies that both we and our eco friendly materials suppliers follow, and how we are building Eavolu ground-up into one of America's most sustainable fashion brands.

Eavolu's fair trade certified factories work with our designers to ensure sustainability

We design our clothes using premium GOTS certified organic fabrics and raw material suppliers to ensure our garments will stand the test of time and can be upcycled or resold in great condition when the consumer decides to move on.

This sets us apart from many other ethical clothing brands, in that we want our clothing to outlast our customers! Our design team collaborates with our suppliers to ensure there is no compromise in quality by using eco friendly materials and recycled fabrics that follow the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means we invest in better premium quality raw materials and a production process that ensures long-lasting quality.

We are transparent about our supply-chain and carbon footprint details and are held accountable.

As we discussed in our last article, the Harvard Business Review reports that many companies make promises for sustainability for the marketing kudos it brings, but do not follow through or make it clear where exactly they are being sustainable.

Eavolu has partnered with The Carbon Plan, the Fair Labor Association, and the Textile Exchange to independently hold us accountable for our promises as a sustainable clothing brand. Each of these organisations evaluates us based on our records and all the available information on our supply chain and production process, carbon footprint and carbon neutral efforts to reduce carbon emissions, our fair labor practices and fair wages including our fair trade certified factories and suppliers, and our overall sustainable and ethical practices and plans for growth.

We use outside parties to determine if we are a sustainable brand because they are not biased or forgiving. It keeps us humble and honest, on our mission to be one of the most sustainable clothing brands in the fashion industry. If we do not put the effort in, we would lose our certifications.

We have a firm commitment to the environment, ethical suppliers and the welfare of our workers, including working primarily with local Los Angeles businesses to reduce environmental impact.

Eavolu only works with suppliers that meet our strict criteria of having a low environmental impact themselves, fair trade certified practices and a living wage for their employees. Many of our fair trade partners are in Los Angeles and just as passionate about the sustainable fashion movement as we are.

They must follow trusted sustainable practices, themselves working with fair trade certified partners where possible, with a slow fashion approach to the supply chain. It is important our suppliers themselves follow GOTS, including investing in innovative fabrics and innovative materials and having a recycling program.

They must also have a low carbon footprint, supplying eco friendly raw materials that are produced locally in small batches that are made to order, using local artisans around Los Angeles to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our entire supply chain must use organic materials, recycled fabrics and eco conscious alternatives, including certified organic cotton, recycled nylon, recycled polyester, vegan leather, natural fibers, and other ethically sourced or recycled materials. Even the packaging and polybags that products are transported in need to be biodegradable or recycled plastic to reduce waste.

Equally important to us is that every individual involved in the manufacturing process earns a living wage in ethical factories that offer better than fair wages. This should be a given for any responsible fashion brand, yet rarely is.

Eavolu is a sustainable clothing brand made in the USA by an ethical production process

We continually work to improve processes, products, personnel conditions and packaging to be more ethical and eco-friendly, despite the extra expenses involved in doing so.

As you can no doubt already tell, we take our beliefs very seriously. By working with mostly Los Angeles-based suppliers and distributors, we are able to keep a close eye on everything from the obvious like the GOTS certified organic materials we use in our products, to granular things like the number of plastic bottles we recycle each week on the factory floor.

It all matters to us, as the road to becoming one of the leading sustainable fashion brands means we need to invest time and resources into ensuring we never falter. That includes weekly and monthly check-ins across our entire supply chain and distribution channels. We always review reports provided to us, ensuring that our fair trade factory certified organic raw materials rival the very best sustainable clothing brands around and that our oversight is always ethical and sustainable. This open dialog between Eavolu and our partners allows us to make real-time changes to our approach and designs, as we work towards becoming an even more sustainable brand. 

Discover our ever-growing collection of sustainable and ethical fashion here.


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